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MKE Sound Machine is an event and media production company owned by Ben Hohenstein, company founder and sound engineer. With his wife and partner, Angela, he's been helping Wisconsin sound better since 2009.

We pride ourselves on friendly, professional service and of course, great sounding results! If you have an upcoming event, performance, or recording project in your future, we'd love to work with you. Contact Us to start the conversation. Thanks for visiting MKE Sound Machine! 


Event sound, DJ, and location recording make up the bulk of what MKE Sound Machine offers, but we work in all aspects of sound.

If your needs aren't specifically listed below, contact us to discuss unique services we can offer.


LIve SOund

You've rehearsed and perfected your performance; now it's time to share it with the world. Let MKE Sound Machine help you be heard and sound your best!


Event DJ

Entertainment can be the most memorable part of any occasion.  Let us make your wedding reception or private event an unforgettable party.


Location Recording

Bring the recording studio to your performance! Capture the elusive vibe of "live" by bringing MKE Sound Machine along to record your performance.

Sound System

Presonus StudioLive 32SX Mixer - 64 Channel live sound mixing console with 16 Aux mixes

PreSonus StudioLive 16R Rack Mixer - 16 Channel live sound mixer

JBL SRX-812P Main Powered Speakers

JBL SRX-828SP Powered Subwoofer

Yamaha SM12iii Stage Monitors (pair)

Yamaha CM10V Stage Monitors (pair)

Recording Rig

22 Simultaneous Recording Channels

6 cue mixes for monitoring and headphones

Redundant Backup Recording for Live Events

Sample Rates Up To 192kHz (depending on channel count)

Portable Vocal Booth

RME Fireface UFX Recording Interface

Focusrite Octopre MKii (x2) 8-channel microphone preamplifier

A.R.T Digital MPA II Two-channel tube preamplifier

PreSonus StudioOne Professional 3 DAW Software

Reaper Professional DAW Software

Ableton Live Suite Professional Production Software

Boom Microphone for Video

Marantz DR100 MK ii Portable Recorder

Rhode Video Mic

Mic Locker


  • Blue Bluebird

  • Custom Michael Joly K47 (matched pair)

  • Blue 8-Ball

  • Rhode NT1A

  • Shure PG81 (pair)


  • Cascade FAT HEAD (pair)


  • Shure SM58 (pair)

  • Shure SM57 (pair)

  • Shure Beta 58

  • Blue Encore 100

  • Sennheiser e906 (pair)


  • Line 6 XDV-75 Handheld

  • Line 6 XDV-75L Lavalier

  • Shure SM58 Handheld

  • Shure Beta 98 Horn

  • Shure WL185 Lavalier

Audix Drum Kit:

  • D6 Kick

  • D4 Tom (pair)

  • D2 Tom (pair)

  • i5 Snare

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Proudly serving Wisconsin since 2009